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Bobs music is a fusion of Conscious lyrics and high vibrational sounds and represents the zeitgeist of awakened souls who appreciate feel good music
a voice of mesmerising tone weaved into the eclectic styles of the lonely soul that bursts out in to anthemic rhythms of uplifting soul food songs that sound as good in the living room
as it does in the outside world and festivals – a celebration of awakening
We salute you Bob –


This page shows the wealth of talent who  live in and around Glastonbury, Musicians, authors, poets, artists. Please  support our local artists by accessing their web sites on this page and why not listen to our local  musicians and bards here on Glastonbury Radio 432. We expect this page to show many more creative people in the future

Bob Hilary

I make music to Calm, Ground, Motivate & Inspire people into making Positive Changes in their lives & thus Positive changes in the World.


Dragonsfly create a compelling and captivating atmosphere with their exquisite, groove-driven, rootsy music.



Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Rising’ in 2017, Kenwyn House (Reef)and Leah Rasmussen (EMI, Bedrock, Renaissance)AKA Goldray, return with a psych-rock fuelled second album ‘Feel The Change’, which was released on July 31 2020.

Sharing a songwriting vision blending psych and prog experimental arrangements with etheric yet powerful female vocals, Goldray pulls huge inspiration from the late 1960s and early 1970s and are very much at the centre of the emerging psych-rock scene.

Sam Evans

Super catchy tunes delivered with a soulful verve that’s simply infectious.

Dora Darling

Dora’s rich, deep voice draws you into the stories of the songs she’s written. A self-taught musician, Somerset-based Dora sings and plays the guitar, she also plays the fiddle and the tin whistle, both of which she learnt to play when she lived in Ireland in the 1990s. She will be launching her new album “The Quest”, which contains many of her best original songs as well as some traditional folk songs, accompanied by Glastonbury musicians Jenny Bliss and Nathan Lewis Williams.

Dora has written many songs and tunes, influenced by her magical nature, a love for the Earth and the traditional music of the British Isles and Eastern Europe. She has the unusual ability to write songs that sound and feel magical, ancient and traditional.

Heloise Pilkington

Heloise Pilkington

I have found that certain music helps refresh my mind and brings me to a point where I can renew focus and dispel stress. I adore folkloric singer Heloise Pilkington’s serene and crystalline voice; it helps me stay calm and clear.. and the kids love it too!


Baroque folk rock pop enigma that ensures within you is the Sun; the band uses a mix of modern and medieval instruments, such as the lute, cittern, crumhorn and rauschpfeife, along with the Moog synthesizer, bass and electric guitars. The Pixies always listen with interest.

Judge Smith

Judge Smith

Songwriter, Composer and Performer, has been making innovative, unusual and entertaining music since the late ’60s, when he co-founded the influential band Van der Graaf Generator and is a radio presenter for Glastonbury Radio 432.


The wheels never come off when Brakeman performs his eclectic American Mid West, laid back tunes.

Mandy Woods

Mandy Woods has had a passion for words ever since her beloved mother, a teacher and talented actress, taught her to read at the age of five. She’s always been fascinated by and always in love with music. As a singer, songwriter, blog writer, story teller, lyricist, entertainer, author and editor, Mandy has found multiple ways to keep both words and music at the forefront of her life.

The Invisible Gem

The Invisible Gem are a whirling Dervish of a band with an evocative style takes you on a journey of danger and romance.

Jenny Bliss

Terrific emotional depth in Jenny’s Cello and Viola playing – a multi instrumentalist that every musician wants In their band. Baroque, Classical and just about everything else – a maestro in her art.

Fabulous Furry Folk Club

James Passey

James Passey is a naturally gifted songwriter and musician.

Robin Luca Francis

The Glastonbury Sketchbook

Magic Bus

Psychedelic explorers ‘Magic Bus’ are pleased to announce their new album ‘The Earth Years’ will be released on June 19th 2020.
The Devon based band have been weaving together their own cosmic tapestry for 10 years with influences as diverse as Gong, Grateful Dead and The Beatles.
The new album was recorded in Vale studios in Worcestershire over 9 days in May 19 and was mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road.
Last year was a giant step up for the band, including a European tour supporting The Chris Robinson Brotherhood..playing legendary venues like Paradiso in Amsterdam Columbia Theatre in Berlin and Fabric in Hamburg. 2019 also saw their first appearance at Glastonbury Festival and Beautiful Days.
Now 2020 looks even better with a fab new album and gigs and festivals at home and in Europe including Germany’s fantastic…Herzberg Festival in July.
‘Earth Years’ is released on LP/CD/DL on physical and digital music platforms on June 19th 2020.

christopher langley

Christopher Langley

Mixed media specialist and Lumen Prize finalist Christopher Langley, b1962, is recognised as one of Wales’s foremost contemporary artists.
He creates impressionist work – which in many works borders on the surreal – that are both visually stunning and technically brilliant.

Raised in Pontypridd, South Wales; he became a professional artist in 2012 after opening his first solo exhibition. Today, Langley’s work has a national and international audience.
Exhibited in New York, Glasgow, London, Newport and Cardiff, Langley has extensive on-line social media coverage, also contributing to local news arts features, TV, & BBC radio. Celebrities such as Sir Richard Branson and Apprentice winner Mark Wright own his works.


5th Projekt

A warm, psychedelic embrace and a kiss to your third eye, 5th PROJEKT is an art-rock band from Toronto, Canada that paints dreamy, cinematic soundscapes.
As a bridge across the  world it would be good for those bands that connect with Glastonbury to be shown  so this months March Band represents CANADA.

ben westwood

Ben Westwood



Hello beautiful person…

My name is Deano, I am a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist based in Devon. I am Incredibly inspired by the natural world and my everyday encounters. Through my music I explore the importance of family, people, all living beings and how these relationships have shaped me and my outlook on life.
From a young age, as well as being a love of mine, making music has been a therapy, a platform for me to draw comparison between and identify the interrelatedness of the pain, difficulty, richness and beauty of life and explore the possible resolutions.
My approach towards music making is not one of a fixed focus on a specific genre or sound. My music production varies anywhere from soft, emotive, striped back acoustic folk, through to lively, rhythm heavy pop, with a sprinkle of spoken word poetry. I have a love for rhyme, dancing with vivid metaphors and sharing the things that I truly believe in. I write, record and produce all of my own music in my home studio where i am currently recording my debut album, due to be released in 2021. You can also follow my musical antics on Instagram: @deano_writes Stay tuned and stay beautiful…..

Kaya Project Seb Taylor

Seb Taylor


To enyoy the rainbow, first enjoy the rain - Paulo Coelho

All donations received in gratitude and this will help the station to be completed and this community project is built with the love for Glastonbury’s fantastic spirit and specialness of its creative and brilliant people all created by you. Thank you.