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Merlin and John

Merlin Merlin has been a practitioner of many different wisdom traditions for over 30 years.  He developed his own alchemical blend of universal spiritual Gnosis relevant to the now.  He is also a well known teacher and workshop facilitator of indigenous British Wisdom Traditions.   John B John is a wisdom teacher and has studied [...]

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Michael Law

Michael Law has been involved in music since the 60s both as an electronic musician, releasing many albums and playing gigs and also as a DJ on pirate radio station Radio London Underground (1973-4) and as a live DJ at parties and gigs from the early 70s. He is also an obsessive music collector, buying [...]

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Louis Virie Blanche

Louis Virie Blanche is a native American, French, mixed race, spiritual multidimensional composer, performer and brings forth a musical fusion with storytelling dream streams that lighten the heart and soul of the listener.  On the Journey of telling the story of the “Elders” around the world, Louis brings together stories and music with remarkable linguistic […]

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Judge Smith

Judge Smith, co-founder of influential Prog-Rock band ‘Van der Graaf Generator’, and currently with amazing new Glastonbury band ‘Towers Open Fire’, presents ‘Let’s Get Strange with Judge Smith’, a one hour show exclusive to Glastonburyradio432, in which Judge plays tracks that have continued to thrill and inspire him, in some cases, for 50 years. These […]

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Steve Lee

Steve has been a regular presenter on a local community radio station for  7 years. He is the founder and creator of Glastonbury Radio 432. “Having spent the last 7 years developing new radio formats, I felt it was time to create a new radio station which is relevant to our changing world” Steve says. […]

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Marty Ratcliffe

Marty Ratcliffe is an expert rare music collections; he also a musician with his band, The Higher State. Marty takes you back to the future with “The Endangered Sounds Show” and will be lining up rare and obscure sounds from his personal vinyl collection, taking you to the 1960s and 70s and bringing you back […]

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