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Steve Lee

Steve has been a regular presenter on a local community radio station for  7 years. He is the founder and creator of Glastonbury Radio 432. “Having spent the last 7 years developing new radio formats, I felt it was time to create a new radio station which is relevant to our changing world” Steve says.

“I felt it was time for “Conscious Radio” to be birthed in the new decade, an Idea that came to me in 2012.”  A free spirit  and broadcasting visionary, Steve is bringing together an eclectic group of presenters and artists to bring Glastonbury Radio 432 to a new generation of listeners.

Glastonbury Radio 432 will deliver a voice for the alternative community, “I would love  to see everyone reach their full potential. There is an an innate essence of knowingness when you recognise a fellow human  that has a spark and higher vibration about them. They are the creatives, they are the musicians, the poets, the writers, the artists, the philosophers, they are anyone with that light in their eyes .. they are the inspiration for the rest of us”

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